Online platform to help people better themselves through expert fitness coaching

About The Consistency Club

The Consistency Club is a platform designed to help users improve their lifestyle through bespoke training & nutritional plans. Created by Jamie Harrison, who has competed in many bodybuilding competitions, he uses his expert knowledge and 10 years experience to help people of all abilities & ages reach their goals. The club offers a wide range of services from progress tracking & training demos to nutritional and training plans.

The challenge

The Consistency Club approached Adelfos as they needed an online platform to help advertise their wide range of services. Our job was to provide users with information regarding TCC’s services and effectively outline the benefits for joining the club. On top of this, it was vital for us to highlight the experience and knowledge provided by Jamie. 

Our solution

The process started with us speaking to Jamie about his business and then learning about his goals and ideas for the website. From a design perspective, Jamie wanted to website to be simplistic and easy to use. From the get go, it was clear Jamie has a great passion for helping others reach their fitness goals, so it was vital we got this across in the website. From a user experience point of view, we decided to have seperate pages for each service TCC provided – plans, coaching & the app. On each page on the website, we had a clear CTA which was for users to book a consultation call or to sign up for the club. 

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