Bespoke membership platform for road cycling fanatics in the Cotswolds

About Cycle Seekers

Cycle Seekers are experts in all things road cycling. Operating in the Cotswolds, they are the go to place for road cycling fanatics looking to take their cycling to the next level. Building a community of like-minded individuals, they use their 50 years of experience to help cyclists of all abilities improve their cycling knowledge and skill by providing in depth reviews of local climbs & routes. 

The challenge

Cycle Seekers approached Adelfos as they needed a fully functional membership platform capable of taking payment online and restricting access to pages for non-members. On top of the built in membership platform, they also needed to successfully advertise what they provided and to give potential customers an idea of what to expect if they became a member. As the group have over 50 years experience in this area, we needed to portray this on the website. 

Our solution

As this was a new start up, with no previous website, we had to start from scratch with wireframes which included the pages on the website along with an idea of the content needed for each page. As there was a lot of information needed for the website, we needed to make sure the layout of the site was easy to navigate and the content was easy to read. We used a lot of imagery & video to showcase the experience and knowledge of the group. 


With the membership platform we set up a sign up page with a PayPal payment gateway. We had to ensure pages were set up to only be accessible by members. Throughout the site, we added numerous call to actions for users to sign up. We thought it would be effective to give users a “sneak peak” of what to expect if they became a member.

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