Professional website providing key information on what Affinity Dental Care has to offer

About Affinity Dental Care

Affinity Dental Care are leading providers of dental health care in Gloucestershire. For over 14 years, their missions has been to provide complete dental care in the most comforting and inviting environment.  Their professional dentists and hygienists are on hand to carry out a wide range of dental procedures from regular check-ups, teeth whitening and even snore guards. 

The challenge

Our job was to revamp Affinity Dental Care’s existing site which was hard to navigate and not effective at providing users with the information they required. Not only this, the existing site was created in a way that it was hard for Affinity to make changes to the website themselves. Affinity gave us the challenge of displaying the vast range of information in a simple but effective way, focusing on improving the user experience of the site.

Our solution

Our first step of improving the usability & user experience of the existing site was to review the importance of all of the information on the site. We worked with Affinity to decide on the key information that needed to be included in the new site. 


Once we were aligned, we created mockups of what the new site would look like, ensuring it was easy to navigate but still including all of the key information that users would need. 


Affinity were pleased with the designs, allowing us to move on to the next step of the process, creating the website and ensuring the back end of the site was easily accessible and easy for Affinity to make changes and add content as and when they needed to. Once the website was complete and live, we provided Affinity with an easy to use guide on how they will manage the site going forward. 

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